Promotional item is an effective way for students to display their dedicated school spirit. It is a useful tool to encourage solidarity between teachers and students. There is an exemplary collection of promo products available to a student. So, let us look at what type of promo items can help unite the school.

Water Bottles and Cups

You get water bottles and cups in several exciting colours, sizes, and shapes to choose from. With contemporary printing options available, you can include logos, branding, and messages on the cups. It will help represent the school name, school mascot, cricket team, etc. These promo items make it easier to close them with lids.

These cups are age-appropriate and great choices for students. They have lids, which makes it easier for students to keep them safely on the table. These cups are also available in adult-friendly sizes so that it can be beneficial for teachers as well.

CustomEarthPromos is a leading seller of high-quality custom printed bags and other eco-friendly items like reusable custom bags, top quality face masks, and water bottles, etc.


Wearables are another important promo item. These customized print wearables can be used in various forms such as standard tee-shirts, knit hats, scarves, baseball caps, long-sleeved tees, sweatshirts, etc.

Wearables help students represent unified fronts in regards to homecoming games, assemblies, concerts, school pride days, and other types of school events that happen throughout the year.

Spray and Wipe

This is another useful promo item that is used to clean lenses and screens. The screen wiper comes in the shape of a block that has a soft microfiber cloth. Students can use the block sides of the cleaning block to polish their tablet, phone, glass lenses, laptop screens, and tablet easily.

Screen Cleaner

This cleaner has a cleaning liquid inside it. One can refill it with the help of their choice of cleaning fluid. This extends the life of this promo gift. The spray comes in a compact size that makes it easier to fit into purses and pockets.

Students can make their screen cleaner using grey, red, or blue, color proudly showcasing the logo of the school with a screen imprint.

Reusable Bags like Totes

These are eco-friendly and durable bags that helps student carry their stuff in them while safeguarding the planet. They are a great substitution for plastic bags. These bags are available in beautiful prints and colors to choose from.

You can even get them in different design variations such as drawstring bags, lunch tote bags, and insulated bags, stylishly designed canvas bags, laminated bags to demonstrate pride for school in sports, and other events.

ID Holders, and Lanyards

Lanyards and ID holders are another great promotional item to unite the school. These come in school colors and make them a part of the school uniform. There are harmony and harmony in students who wear the same ID holders and lanyards.

Schools generally require wearing and introducing discipline strategies for schools that make it necessary for a student to have backups in place if they lose their lanyard.


With the remarkable technology, a student can get a broad range of promotional items for the students to buy, to offer them as rewards, prizes, and more.

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