The trading accounts you get from an online trading services provider mean a lot in making your trading journey great or poor. I have to tell you that some online platforms are great in how they provide you with a great features, but they experience a shortage of traders because they don’t provide them with an easy entry point. That’s where I think the broker I am about to tell you about makes a big difference. I am talking about Genesis11, which I think is one of the best online places where you can enter easily and start trading to meet your trading goals. Let’s review this platform in more detail.

Pick from Three Choices

I always believe that three choices are more than enough for any trader in any part of the world. I can tell you about brokers who provide you with seven or even eight trading account types. They mean you no harm. They only have these many accounts because they want to allow every trader to have a trading career. However, these many choices can often be extremely confusing for new traders. They just don’t know where to start, and get even more confused when they compare the many features.

With three accounts, namely mini, classic, and premium, Genesis11 has proved that it wants to make life easier for its traders. The higher account you pick from the list, the more features you will get with it. For example, if you go with the Premium account, you will have a team of account executives waiting to handle your issues 24/7. You’ll even have a mentor by your side at all times with this account. As for assets, spreads, and leverages, you will still get a great deal if you go with the basic account.

Spend Little to Get More

Since online brokers care about new traders as well, they have to pay attention to allowing them to enter trading with ease. For new traders, the biggest concern is the amount of money they have to spend upfront. Neither do they want to take a big risk, nor are they in a position to spend a lot of money right away. It is the job of the online trading platform to make things easier for them. That’s where minimum deposit requirements come into play. When you sign up with a company online, you have to spend some money upfront to open your trading account.

In the case of Genesis11, you will be happy to start your trading account on a basic level with just $500. That’s quite a small amount. Even the premium account requires no more than $20,000 from you to start it.

Deposit with No Hassle

Genesis11 has made everything easy for you to give you a paved path into online trading. Firstly, you have ample choices of trading accounts to pick one that you think is most suitable for you. Secondly, you can open your account without investing a lot of money upfront. With only a small investment of $500, you will be in the financial markets that you want to trade. The best thing is that this broker provides you with three different ways to fund your account. You can go with the bank draft, bank wire transfer, or credit/debit card option if you want.

The company is quite upfront with whatever it charges you when you trade with it. There is a very small fee that you will have to pay when you deposit your money in the account. The time it takes for your money to appear in your trading account depends on the method you choose.

Final Thoughts

You can see that I have mainly focused on telling you about the ease of starting your trading journey with this company. You can find a variety of options on the internet for trading online. However, it’s the starting point that bothers many, and I think there is no hassle in starting your trading career when you go with Genesis11.

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