Tax is a notoriously complex subject, which is why many businesses – understandably – content themselves with knowing the basics that enable them to submit accurate tax returns and stay out of trouble with HMRC. Small businesses in particular could be forgiven for not investigating the potential around claiming R&D tax credits. With so much […]

Life Insurance Company

Getting the right life insurance for you and your family can become overwhelming at times. All those complicated to understand terms, definitions, coverages, rates, conditions, endorsements and exclusions can create a lot of confusion in your mind about what is right for your family and what is not.   Investments like life insurance are never […]

Lease A Bulldozer

Buying heavy equipment can cost lot of money. The decision to buy a bulldozer can result in delaying of lot of other purchases. If you already have a great project which needs to be executed within a very short time span, then you should consider leasing a bulldozer. Here are few reasons why you should […]

Gone are the days when Facebook and Instagram were considered to be the only platforms for marketing and business development. Now, Twitter is in the game too and currently more and more people are joining Twitter which is a clear indication that this platform is pretty effective if you want to market your business here. […]

Having a strong online presence is a crucial factor affecting your business. You can check out this page for ways on how to boost your brand in the market. Whether it’s attracting new customers to your webpage or driving sales from the existing visitors, these 5 tried and tested digital marketing tactics can help you […]

Due to excellent infrastructure, business-friendly policies and connectivity, many cities have transformed into world-class business hubs. To attract the biggest names in the ever-expanding and highly competitive field, these marvellous cities are always evolving, investing, and innovating! Let’s now take a look at some famous business cities around the world. Hong Kong Hong Kong has […]

Success with agile management depends on a long list of contributing factors, the key factor being your people. Agile success requires the right people with the right attitudes the right skills at the right time – all working together in an aligned team.   There is no secret behind this, it takes smart hiring, a […]

The Role of IT in Business Growth

In the past few years alone, technology has created a radically different type of workforce for smaller and larger companies alike. When it comes to every aspect of sales, marketing, and strategy, no one can deny the huge effect of technology in business as it continues to reshape the way we think about companies and […]

For many companies, building a strong brand is at the core of their goals. While many envision such, only a few are able to achieve its reality. With that, in the rest of this post, we will discuss some of the best things that a company can do as a part of its brand strategy […]

Remember that handsome botak French guy on Orchard road a few years back that took Singapore by STORM? French contact juggler extraordinare, Mickael Bellemene, is BACK in Singapore and I have to say he is arguably one of the best performers around and I’m so glad he loves it here enough to return! I mean, […]