You might be excited since you are a brand new franchise owner. You got approval with your application to be a franchisee of a specific company. Before you get too excited, remember that it is just the beginning of the process. You still need to go through a lot before you can grow your franchise […]

The insurance jungle is confusing so you have the choice between many different insurance policies and countless tariff offers. Anyone who starts a business should focus on the most important ones. In addition to business health insurance these are various liability insurance and legal expenses insurance. Business insurance covers ongoing costs such as salary payments […]

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a form of technology which allows users to use the internet to make calls rather than the traditional analogue phone system. When a call is made, it is routed from one mobile or VoIP provider to the next until it gets to its destination, a process known as […]

Every professional needs a bio. A professional bio is arguably the most important piece of copy you’ll ever write about yourself. It’s introducing who you are, what you do, your achievements and interests. What you choose to highlight in your bio plays a key role in others deciding whether to connect with you, contact you […]

For many people, tackling their personal finances can seems like an overwhelming and complex task. Even without the burden of growing debts – a subject that we have looked at here in previous posts – assessing and taking control of your spending and saving is often daunting. So, we thought that we would bring together […]

There are many people that would want to own and operate their own business. The fact of the matter is that running your own business is the high point of life for many people. And with good reason – it implies independence, courage, self-sufficiency and many other admirable qualities. That being said, while the idea […]

Just because you decide to use promotional merchandise to give away to your target audience does not mean it will be useful. You can’t expect people to patronise your company immediately. You still need to use these products effectively to ensure that your target audience will appreciate them. Start giving products to your employees The […]