As the marine industry continues to become more conscious of the impact it has on the environment, shipyards around the globe invest in new technologies and innovations to reduce its carbon footprint. While sustainability and superyachts may not be two terms that are typically used together, more and more “green yachts” with eco-conscious credentials are being developed due to increasing awareness among owners and builders alike. Thanks to the introduction of hybrid propulsion engines, which use a combination of battery and fuel, new green motor yachts consume less fuel and have a reduced environmental impact while offering the same high standards as traditional superyachts. The addition of solar panels and batteries can further cut down on the overall fuel consumption while swapping out materials like teak and leather for sustainable materials ensures the same level of luxury is achieved with less harm done to the planet. Some eco-friendly yachts also have additional room on the deck for a garden, which not only offers owners a place to unwind and connect with nature but also a place for chefs to grow their own produce, herbs and spices to be used onboard.

One of the most innovative and greenest superyacht series on the market today is from Silent Yachts. The Silent 80, the flagship of the fleet, is one of the first yachts to be powered by solar power. Available with a three-deck open fly-bridge version or closed, all features onboard from its propulsion system to the type of energy consumed and layout is designed to have a minimum impact. Offering a calm and tranquil ambience on board, the name of the series is fitting as there is no noise, fumes or vibration onboard of the Silent 80, due to her solar-powered electric propulsion system. One of the safest marine propulsion systems, the system includes lifetime maintenance-free motors. Paired with unlimited cruising range, this makes the Silent 80 an ideal green yacht for those looking to explore the most remote destinations in luxury and comfort while reducing their carbon footprint.

Another shipyard which has created a name for itself by creating eco-friendly yachts is Arcadia Yachts. The A-series, which includes the A85, A105 and A115, are all built on the basis if contemporary living on the sea with green technologies. 
Each one of the yachts in this series is designed to increase the connection between the indoors and outdoors, with floor to ceiling windows used throughout. Created with luxury and efficiency in mind, the semi-planing hull design helps reduces fuel consumption. Solar panels installed on the fly-bridge power most of the house systems onboard, which means each yacht in the series, whether it’s the A115 or A85, is silent when anchored, or stopped at night as the generators are not needed. In addition, the thermal insulating glass used on the yachts helps keep the interior cool, while allowing plenty of natural light to flood the indoor living spaces, cutting down on the need for air-conditioning and harsh artificial lighting.

In order to help protect the same waters explored by superyachts, new vessels being built aim to have as little as an impact as possible.

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