Although the food is the most important thing about a high quality restaurant, the décor also makes a big difference your diners’ experience. Read on for tips on choosing the right restaurant furniture to make a great impression.

Think About Your Atmosphere

Your furniture should match the atmosphere you are trying to create. This works to create a powerful vibe and tell a story. Depending on your establishment, your furniture could be traditional, modern, quirky, romantic or inspired by a certain country or culture. Your atmosphere could be trendy and minimalist, elegant and sophisticated, retro or cosy. Tie the furniture into the vibe you are trying to create and think about your target customer.

Match Your Furniture to Your Food

Your menu should inspire your furniture. If you are serving a lot of African food then traditional African decorations could work beautifully, but if you are serving American fast food then a modern, minimalist style would work well. Classic British roast dinners always look great in a traditional restaurant with wooden tables and cosy interiors. Quirky, fusion food could be partnered with stylish, contemporary design and you could really think outside the box with combinations of styles. Match your menu to your furniture so they blend seamlessly together for a great dining experience.

Comfort and Durability

The comfort of your diners is paramount so remember small things like seat pads for chairs and cushions for sofas. Also use pads on the bottom of chair legs to stop scrapes and loud noises. Furniture in restaurants gets a lot of wear, so choose high quality, durable materials and don’t try to furnish the restaurant on the cheap. Another important consideration is to choose a durable and high quality Catering Fridge for the kitchen, such as those available from The kitchen is just as important as the dining room, so it is vital to get the right equipment.

Function and Organisation

Think about furniture that is useful and can be placed in different configurations depending on your needs. The restaurant should be able to host large groups and small, intimate dinners. It could have a lounge area, various sized tables, sofas, benches, chairs and different areas. Furniture should work within the space, so think about which items would be most useful. Choose easy-clean upholstery or consider foldable chairs for easy storage.


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