Keeping your warehouse clean also helps keep it safe, and these seven tips will ensure that you do both with ease.

1. Keep your cleaning schedule up to date

If you draw up a set schedule for cleaners and workers in your warehouse, you can ensure that a strict cleaning roster is adhered to and that everyone can work in environment in which they feel safe. Creating checklists that need to be ticked off at set intervals creates structure, and by assigning specific people tasks, there is a level of accountability.

2. Clean your bins

Bins should never overflow, especially if what is being thrown away in them could be hazardous. Even warehouses like those belonging to Amazon see accidents, and a simple step like keeping a bin clean and empty can reduce risks.

3. Clean as you go

Instead of relying on cleaning teams to address dirty areas, clean as you go. This way, even if machinery has made a mess, you can clear it up immediately rather than leaving it to potentially cause problems. If everyone cleans as they work, risks and messes are greatly reduced.

4. Assign employees areas to keep clean

If every staff member is responsible for keeping a set section clean, everyone can work together to ensure that there is never any excess mess. Whether you need industrial shelving in Ireland like that available at to stack away stock, or you simply need a broom or mop, providing the right tools will make it easier for staff to take responsibility for the messes made.

5. Provide necessary supplies

Setting up your warehouse with cleanliness and safety in mind is essential, and if you want your staff to adhere to high standards, you’ll find they do so far more willingly if they have bins and cleaning equipment within easy reach.

6. Move stock as quickly as possible

In addition to gathering dust, stock that simply sits does not make money, and adding more stock makes more dust. Try to turn stock over as fast as possible to avoid it sitting too long and ensure that your inventory is kept up-to-date.

7. Label sections

Labelling floor space or creating designated areas with labelling helps create structure and eliminates mess. The more structured spaces you have, the cleaner and more organised your warehouse will be.


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