When the parts you need to produce are becoming increasingly complex and clients are demanding greater precision than ever, you might be left wondering how you’ll manage to meet their standards while growing your business. Production line inspection is a common aspect in manufacturing which can be automated to increase efficiency.

If this applies to you, then you should consider purchasing a co-ordinate measurement machine (CMM). CMM machines are devices which measure the physical geometrical characteristics of an object with incredible precision. They ensure that the parts and products being produced are free of defects, and they can be either controlled by a human operator or via computer. This is part of what makes them so well suited for automating aspects of production lines.

You can save big when you buy used CMM machines, and when you do, it’s smarter still to make the purchase from an authorized dealer. Here are some of the reasons why.

Mitigating Risk

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a used CMM machine, opting to buy one from an individual owner or at auction poses certain risks: it’s impossible to know how worn down the machine is at the time of purchase.

On the other hand, a dealer puts the probes, drive systems and cabling on every used machine they sell through rigorous testing, and guarantees that the machine will work.  For example, Canadian Measurement Metrology guarantees that if you buy a used CMM machine from them, it will work to specifications when it reaches the floor of your shop.

Software matters

There are other important advantages to purchasing this equipment through a registered dealer too: old machines may come with outdated software that needs to be replaced. The dealer who sold you your CMM machine is also a great source of information about CMM software, particularly the one in your machine. If you need to update it, they can advise you on programs to buy, so your new machine can perform all the functions you need it to.

The Importance of Installation

Precision machines like CMMs need to be properly calibrated according to the environment in which they’re working — any environmental differences that aren’t adjusted for could affect the performance of the machine. For this reason it’s important to have your new machine installed professionally. Make sure that when you buy a used CMM machine from the dealer, they’re capable of installing it for you correctly.

Buying a CMM machine is now a common way to increase production line efficiency, but buying a used CMM machine increases efficiency even more. Coordinate measurement machines are sensitive and high-performing pieces of equipment, but your business won’t be more efficient if you get stuck buying one that doesn’t work properly from auction or an independent seller.

Your business is sure to grow in no time if you buy from a dealer who can vouch for the machine’s condition, has real knowledge about CMM software, and can properly set up all the equipment inside your shop.

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