Trade shows are one of the ways of marketing your products face to face with your customers creating a connecting which could not have otherwise be achieved in conventional methods of marketing. Most of the incidences tradeshows look like battlefields, and the event is not organized based on some given rules rather one struggles to stand out of the competitors. As if that is not enough potential clients compare the services and goods being offered with your competitors. The main survival technic in tradeshows is the ability to stand out and grab the attention of potential clients. You aim to create a memorable experience for your potential clients such that they will want to be associated with your brand after the event.

Make your employees the best ambassadors

Your employees should be the ambassadors of the company; they should be willing to interact with potential clients. Your team should find a way of talking with clients in a way that it creates a connection and promote the services and products offered by a company. Furthermore, they should dress like a team; research indicates that employee uniforms boost brand recognition. When the customer recognizes a brand they will be interested in their services; the company should capitalize on this to create customer satisfaction. Employees who work towards achieving the goals of the organization will represent the organization positively thus you should emphasize on the importance of ambassadorship.

Use visual representation

Remember the use of visual representation to catch the attention of prospective customers. Your brand identity should be designed to communicate your company’s overall message & promote business goals. Logo, uniform, product images, social media images, business cards, website, any other graphic material-All these represents your brand. For Instance, Your company provided customized backpacks, notepads or wrist bands from Custom gear Promotional Products for trade show purpose, it would showcase your brand identity. Also, if your company provided customized t-shirts or gifts Ceramic Coffee cups, to its employees with the company’s logo on it, this counts to visual representation. You can take your visual photos and videos by uploading them to your facebook page and other social media platforms.  This move will enable you to reach more prospective customers. The catch with videos, however, is creating a short video that is about 30 sec that gives the customers what is in for them since no one has time to watch long videos.

Importance of your location

The location of your exhibition stand will determine whether you get an influx of a high number of potential customers. Book a place where it is easily accessible on the main streets on the tradeshow. One easy way of informing potential customers where you are located at the tradeshow is through social media, for instance, you can give directions based on your location according to the trade show. For instance you could indicate on social media that you are next to building ‘X,’ or you are 50 meters from store ‘Y.’

Pop up display won’t get you, prospective clients, as most people are doing the same thing. However, you should be creative to invest in a great exhibition stand. You might decide to go with a custom made stand that stands for the values of your organization. Choose colors that represent you and what you believe. Graphic designs on a stand could attract customers who would want to know more about your products.

Do a giveaway

Do a give way at the tradeshow, people like free things however you should be careful not to give away too much that might get you into a loss. Make the event sweet, short and fun so that you attract prospects. If you have amazing products, then you can use them as give away, but you could choose to give cards and other prizes. You might consider activities such as having a prize wheel, a game where people guess some objects in the jar or even photo content.

Finally, remember that you want to create loyal customers who will want to buy your products even long after the trade show. Be friendly, greet customers with a smile although this might feel uncomfortable at first. Give them your business cards, tell them to follow you on social media so that they can learn more about your products and you can give them teaser products to raise their curiosity on what more you can offer.


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