Do you own a high rise condo? If yes, then investing in commercial heating and cooling in Scarborough is an important factor for the success of your business. You need reliable condo HVAC systems installed to keep tenants comfortable. Below are important factors to consider when shopping for a cooling and heating system for a condo.

Condo HVAC systems (For Buildings with 6 or more Floors)

If you own a condo with six floors or more, a centralized HVAC system will be most appropriate. You would have to allocate a mechanical room for housing the large air and heating conditioning components. Such systems have more complex installation, repair, and maintenance requirements, as they deliver customizable cooling and heating and zonal control in the entire building.

The good news is that HVAC contractors are trained to work on the large-scale design as well as the installation of the equipment in condos and other similar buildings.

The job also includes a certification on a regular basis for the primary heating systems.

  • Water Source Heat Pump – one of the most popular systems used in high rise buildings or other large buildings. The system is commonly referred to as a two pipe system, as it incorporates two pipes (high volume), which circulate condenser water and transport it to the heat pumps in all zones (hallways, common areas, and individual units). The system is beneficial in terms of cost, as the condo owner only incurs a low upfront cost, while the system provides great flexibility.
  • Four Pipe Vertical Stack – A fan coil cooling and heating system incorporating two sets of water lines with one for supplying hot water while the other one is for cold water. The residents of a condo experience a higher level of comfort with this type of system, as it allows for easier switching between cooling and heating easily. Furthermore, the system responds more rapidly even for units installed on the highest floor.

HVAC Systems for Condos with 6 Floors Or Less

A decentralized system best suits the buildings with fewer floors. The two options that would be most suitable include the following:

  • Single Unit Ductless System
  • Single unit window-based HVAC systems

The ductless units incorporate an indoor component, outdoor component, and a cable linking the two systems. With these systems, you can save plenty of space, considering they can be mounted in out-of-the-way places. Moreover, the heating and cooling is done in a highly efficient way.

When it comes to single unit window-based HVAC systems, every single rental within the building is outfitted with a window-based unit. You can typically find such systems in motels and hotels. Possibly one of the greatest benefits of such a system with regard to use is that the building owner gets exact power consumption from all tenants. However, one of the drawbacks is that the systems do not last that long. As a result, you might find yourself calling your condo HVAC systems contractor to execute repair service.

If you would like to learn more interesting facts about commercial heating and cooling in Scarborough, you can call in the experts to evaluate the cooling and heating needs of your property today.

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