If you are planning to join a trade show or exhibit, you need to plan it so that you can really maximise your time and effort. But planning for a trade show or exhibit also involves deciding on the printed materials you need. The printed materials you bring for your trade show or exhibition will make a big impact on the success of your endeavour, so it makes sense to choose your printed materials carefully. Whilst there may be a range of printed materials you can use for your booth, not all of them are effective. So which materials can really help you get the exposure and attention you need? Here’s an in-depth look at your must-have printed materials when joining a trade show or exhibit.

Pre-trade show or exhibition cards

One type of printed material which isn’t commonly done by most businesses is the pre-trade show or exhibition card. You can send out a card to your clients prior to the exhibit or trade show to let them know that you will be there. When creating such a card, don’t forget to mention why it would be a great idea for your clients to stop by as well. Additionally, if you would like to promote a specific product or service; include the details of it on the card. If you want to encourage visitors by giving away a prize or gift, include this in the card as well. You can even send out two cards: one for a month or so before the event, and another card a week or so before the event. This way, you’ll be on their minds if they decide to attend and they will be more interested in visiting your booth.

Banners, posters, and more

Printed material in large formats shouldn’t be neglected, either. You need them if you want to stand out and grab your audience’s attention. Most trade show and exhibition participants go all out when it comes to booth signage and decoration, making use of large banners, specially-made exhibition stands, and lighting to get attention. You can most certainly do the same, especially if you have a lot of competitors at the event.


Any trade show or exhibition is rife with giveaways, and for good reason. You have a whole array of choices in regard to giveaways – you can go for traditional pens, mugs, or calendars, or you can go a bit more quirky and original by giving away candy, USBs, water bottles, and so on. Of course, t-shirts and bags are always crowd-pleasers and they get a lot of exposure. Choose your giveaways so that they can promote your brand and are practical as well.

Brochures, flyers, leaflets, presentation folders, and more

There’s really no use joining a trade show or exhibit if you can’t give away leaflets, brochures, or flyers, or hand out presentation folders to attendees. Make sure you have enough of these printed materials but don’t just hand them out to everyone passing by. Make it a more meaningful encounter by giving these printed materials to those who actually stop by your booth – don’t waste your material on those who may just end up throwing it in the bin. By giving printed material to interested individuals, you could get more leads in the end.

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