Deciding when it is appropriate to throw a company party can be one of the most difficult part of the party in general. It seems like it should be easier to know when would be a good time to treat your employees to a good company party. However, you have to be careful to not overdo the party. If you’re overdoing made out of company parties that you give for your employees, they are going to become one out. We’re here to help you decide when is a good time to throw that company party, and how to make the most out of it for your employees.

Holiday Time

There’s no doubt that it’s a good idea to throw a company party during the holiday season. Your employees are expecting you to acknowledge them and treat them during this time. A great company Christmas or holiday party is going to make a big difference in the work ethic of your employees. We would suggest that you put time and money into this holiday party because it is one that is going to matter.

Summer Time

Summertime is known for giving people all the feels. You can take advantage of the great summer time activities and personalities by throwing a company party during the summer season. There’s so many different fun things that you can pick from when you were planning your summertime party. What would be more fun than having a Hawaiian luau out on the deck of a pretty building overlooking the city?

How to Prepare

Leave me a few times during the year that you need to be sure to throw great parties for your employees. The next question is how am I going to go about doing it? There are many great companies available to help you plan these parties if you wish to hire them. Corporate catering in NYC is very common. There are great corporate catering companies to choose from. In fact, many of them have themed events that will really make a difference and make your party went to remember.


Once you are decided on the date and time, you need to get to work planning the event. There’s a good chance that there is someone in your office who loves to plan parties. Look around and ask questions to people. If you have someone who loves to plan parties, hire them to plan the party for you.  If you don’t have someone who love to plan parties, there are so many people that you can hire. An event planner is something that you need to get right off the bat if you want to find an outstanding party for your employees.


When the event planner has been hired, you should be able to knock out the different tasks that need to be accomplished to throw a great party!

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