We can see more and more web stores appearing each year, and every solution is trying to differ from competitors to engage a wider audience. It’s actually, more challenging than it might seem to be, thus, we’ve decided to distinguish the most essential features for an eCommerce resource to win the race.

Here’s our top list.

# Responsiveness

To stay connected around the clock people apply for diverse mobile gadgets, thus, to become popular and to attract a wider audience an eCommerce platform has to provide a mobile version as well. In fact, responsive e-commerce solutions are more likely to bring more users since Google search prioritizes such mobile-friendly resources.

# Intuitive interface

The design has to be truly perfect. The more user-friendly it is, the greater conversions site owners will get. To bring the best results the colors shall match the corporate style, and the interface has to be adequate to the current web & mobile tendencies. Moreover, users are supposed to achieve the desired in only a few clicks or taps.

# Convenient ordering mechanisms

Individuals shall be able to change the order at any stage they need. The process of ordering shall be fast and simple, and purchasers will want to trace the implementation of their orders.

# Reliable payment gateways

In the process of eCommerce website development, it’s mandatory to ensure a high level of security since it involves financial transactions. Users expect to take only a few steps to make payments, and funds transfer verification shall consist of several stages. The audience will appreciate the transparency of the procedures to be able to understand the ongoing transaction phase.

# Optimization

One shall not forget about SEO instruments in order to optimize the software, meaning to build traffic and improve sale volumes. To get in the Top 10 search results it’s critical to work on keywords, adequate content, and other similar characteristics.

# Upgraded search algorithms

An eCommerce service has no chance to succeed without a well-thought-through search engine. The system has to be convenient to apply, and individuals shouldn’t wait a long time to see the results. Advanced filtering and sorting tools shall facilitate the process, and people will be able to specify the preferences on items they’re looking for. A chance to compare the goods and find the most appropriate one will be of great value as well.

# Picture zooming

Firstly, people need to carefully check a product from all its angles before they decide to purchase it. Meaning, it would be a brilliant idea to allow users a 360° view, or even a top-quality video to examine everything closely. That’s how one can help visitors determine to buy.

# Analytics and stats

If you get serious about the development of an eCommerce platform, you’ll manage to come up with a great easy-to-apply solution having sales grow. However, if you don’t take any measures to support and develop your resource, the success will most likely be short.

The secret of the greatest world-known organizations is in their ongoing improvement strategies. Every new business shall take advantage of diverse means to keep up with them. Remember how helpful stats and analytics are to explore the audience’s behavior. It’s better to use them regularly to act correspondingly.

The mentioned parameters might seem to be too evident, but still, one shall not forget all the advantages they provide to design a greatly competitive framework. You might need to resort to a professional development agency to build an amazing mobile-friendly eCommerce site taking into consideration the interests and particularities of your company.


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