Most people have encountered a visitor’s book at some point in time. Often seen in B&Bs or hired accommodation, they’re a quaint way to leave feedback for future visitors to peruse.

They’re the remaining legacy of hotel guest books, which, as with a number of old-fashioned features, have been replaced with new technology.

The purpose of visitors books

Regardless of the type of business or establishment, visitors books were the only way of recording the details and comings and goings of customers and business associates. For security and safety reasons, it’s important to know who is visiting the premises, for how long, and why. However, sifting through data, especially in an emergency situation, is difficult when in it’s in hand-written, analogue form.

Digitising visitor data

As with many aspects of business, a digital visitors staff signing in book similar to software offered by vendors such as can transform something that functioned as little more than a historical record into a tool that can enhance safety, productivity and security by improving the visitor experience. From printing out and scanning visitors’ cards to personalised welcome messages, automating visitor management offers numerous benefits. Here are just six.

1. First impressions

A smooth experience at the reception desk is important to create the right impression for your visitors. Software that allows the swift capture of required information, the issue of a visitor’s pass, and any relevant instructions will help create the impression of an efficient business.

2. Customised security

For visitors who will be signing in and out multiple times during the day or are visiting for several days, a barcoded badge can make their lives easier and make them feel more welcome.

3. GDPR Compliant

Unlike analogue visitors’ books where potentially sensitive information could be visible on the receptionist’s desk, visitors’ privacy is preserved in a system that complies with GDPR rules.

4. Branding

The software can be set up to match the branding and logos of your business.

5. Fire safety

Systems can identify exactly who is on the site in the event of an emergency. Additionally, they can identify anyone who requires extra mobility assistance.

6. Works on any device with an internet connection

Visitors can sign in on any device; it doesn’t have to be tied to a reception desk.

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