When it comes to manufacturing, even the smallest moving machine parts can be a headache when it comes to maintenance. Moving parts tend to wear out, therefore they require regular inspection when need be. In a production facility, any intermittent disruption due to the failure of a machine can slow down the facility’s performance hence degrading profits.

Such unplanned events like a machine breaking down can be solved prior to the malfunction. There is nothing good that comes out from a malfunction other than total devastation i.e. financial loss. What’s even more challenging is locating the source of the disruption. It requires the correct amount of resources in order to run inspections on all the machines in the facility.

However, there are some hacks that manufacturers are using to monitor and keep track of various systems in the production curbing unforeseen breakdowns which paralyze activities. Let’s take a look at some of these hacks.

Internet of Things.

This technology is handing manufacturers the ability to monitor even the smallest moving machines in their production facilities. Internet of Things is less costly computing hardware that can transmit and monitor data instantly alerting all about the state of all the machines in the facility. The technology does this wireless.

You can adopt this technology if you are aiming at improving efficiency, fully optimize production and reduce costs on regular machine maintenance. IoT is a perfect technique for massive production facilities. However, how manufacturers oversee the implementation of the embedded hardware into their operations is still not clear.

Always consider what’s necessary and what’s not.

At the first moment, when purchasing the machine, it’s crucial that you review the equipment preventative maintenance requirements. The manufacturer’s always outlined all the matters pertaining to the machine. You can go ahead and consult further with maintenance professionals and engineers.

Firmly confirm that all outlined and suggested preventive maintenance measures are correct. This will assist you to curb feature costs incurred due to regular maintenance. A machine should be economical when it comes to inspection and maintenance.

For example, if pumps or steam generators undergo preventative maintenance every quarter due to break down, it will greatly cost you money to buy spare parts and pay labour. At times, maintenance induces premature failures that make production facilities to remain stagnant. Get all the details concerning machines. The best preference is the one that receives servicing yearly.

This type of machine will mean;

  1. Decreased labour cost,
  2. Elevated efficiency of the machine and
  3. Decreased purchases of spare parts.

Consider a suitable measurement system.

Let’s take the example of a compressor. Some organization’s assumption is that a compressor should undergo maintenance every three years. While in reality the compressor only operates in one month out of every four consecutive months. Such companies base their preventative maintenance on a calendar.

By doing this they incur costs. It’s advisable that they implement maintenance on the compressor’s operating hours. This way they will realize that the compressor doesn’t actually need maintenance at all, maybe after four or five years which is very economical.

Choose the most suitable time to implement maintenance.

Maintenance should only be tuned to the specific needs of your production. You can take some assets out of service. This should be done at a time that permits you to maximize your efficiency. Numerous organizations and their maintenance schedule during winter. Machines like evaporator and a compressor rebuild appropriately and are easier to repair during cooler months of the year.

Then, there is no much heat, therefore, less refrigeration load is required. This is a hack that can greatly save you when it comes to costs.

Come up with an overall maintenance hack.

Clearly, comprehend that maintenance should be under your overall strategy. You should include;

  1. Predictive maintenance.
  2. Preventative maintenance.
  3. Reactive maintenance.

Be well aware of the firms like Spectra Oil Company, who advocates for this idea where preventative maintenance together with reactive and predictive maintenance are included in a maintenance strategy. This will significantly assist you to manage your costs while still controlling downtime and maximizing on uptime.

Take advantage of the efficiency of your workers.

Technically, you can train your workers to provide machine maintenance assistance. They can be doing this on a daily basis or even weekly. This will maximize efficiency. Preventative maintenance offered by your labourers will include;

  1. Inspecting machines while working,
  2. Cleaning up the machine and,
  3. Watching for specific characteristics in an equipment.


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