This December birthstone is benefited maximum for the person having the zodiac sign as: Libra and Taurus. Blue zircon is very common and beautiful. It is used as the jewelry and ornaments and holds a great value. .

The properties of the zircon gemstone can be tabulated as follow:

Chemical composition:   ZrSiO4

Color:  Ranges from white, blue, red, colorless, green, orange, brown, pink, purple, gray

Crystal arrangement: Tetragonal Crystal.

Refractive Index: Ranges from 1.930 – 1.987

Specific Gravity: Ranges from 4.6 – 4.8

Transparency: Transparent

Luster: Adamantine

Cleavage: 3, 2

Mineral: Zircon

In the astrological field, zircon stone is very powerful gemstone. It holds the immense power of the planet Venus. So it symbolizes the stone of beauty and luxury. Nowadays it has been used as the alternative for the diamond, because zircon gemstone looks like the diamond. The perfect and unique cuts of the zircon stone promotes in the multiple refraction of the light which makes the stone sparkle more like a diamond. The basic element of the zircon stone is thorium and uranium. The properties of the zircon stone Is unique due to the presence of these rare elements.

The heat treated zircon is more valuable in the market because zircon is more prone towards the sunlight which dulls the shines of stone. But the heat treated stone helps in retaining the beauty for long period of time.

The main sources of the natural Zircon stone and its price variation:

The sources of the zircon stone lis limited and is found only in certain places in the world. The major places where zircon stone is found and mined are: Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Australia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. According to the quality and color, the price of the stone differs.

The blue zircon is heat treated and has the color combination of dark and light blue colors. The finely saturated zircon over 10 carats have the price range from $300 to $400 per carat.

The golden zircon also known as honey zircon is less expensive compared to blue zircon and it is found in the market at the rate of $50 to $100 per carat. The price range for the red zircon in the market is $75 to $125 per carat.

Uses of the Zircon stone:

The zircon gemstone is very powerful astrologically. It has many benefits for the wearer. Some important beneficial points can be mentioned below:

  • The energy from Venus planet helps in protecting the wearer from the evil thoughts and evil eyes. It balances the chakra of the wearer that helps in keeping the evil power away from the owner.
  • It increases the creative thinking, especially for the people involved in the creative profession like, writing, movie direction and art fields. The special energy of the stone helps in developing the innovative ideas in the work.
  • For the successful marital life, the zircon gemstone helps in creating the suitable environments. It suppresses the feeling of conflicts between the couple helping in the successful family life.
  • The zircon stone has the energy to concentrate the knowledge and helps in focusing power increment. It is best for the students and teachers to wear in the rings.
  • It increases the appetite and cures the sleeping disorders. To lessen the overthinking and bad thoughts, zircon gemstone has the unique vibration that is best for mind calmness. It also cures the insomnia.
  • It has many health benefits. if worn properly it can reduce the risk of diabetes and controls the blood circulation. For the back pains and problems related to bone, zircon stone is the best gemstone out there.
  • For the respiratory tract problems, wearing the zircon gemstone in the necklace helps a lot. It directly provides the vibration that creates the positive energies to fight against any throat related dysfunctions.

The color range of the zircon stone found in the market is: white, blue, red, colorless, green, orange, brown, pink, purple and gray. it is very beautiful gemstone with the beautiful sparkle and an immense power in the astrological aspect. So, these were the uses and properties of Zircon.

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