How innovative are you when it comes to the ways that you get around a building or a house? There are a few ways to do it.

While we can’t condone riding a horse through a full on house or a building, there are some ways that you can get around and not cause too much damage in the process.

When it comes to navigating your way around a building or a home, read on to find out four cool ways that you can do that. Scroll down and see what we’re talking about.

4 Cool Ways to Get Around a House or Building

  1. An Elevator

Want to know if you’ll need to consider which elevator interior to go with because you’ve consulted with a Toronto elevator manufacturer about getting one installed into your home? That’s the dream, and thanks the heavens that elevators are not only for hotels and important buildings anymore.

Not only can the elevator interior be gorgeous, but it’s a simply incredible way to move between the floors. Consult with a Toronto elevator manufacturer to have your questions answered and find out more about putting an elevator in! It’s a great way to travel.

  1. Rollerblades

Blading is a cool way to get around and it can be very quick and convenient, too. There are a lot of ways to get places fast and if you want to zip from your living room to your fridge to get a bottle of water, then this is a good way to do it!

A pair of rollerblades is a fun way to get around. Just be sure that you’re not hitting the brakes and adding any black scuff marks to the inside of your home! Those will definitely prove hard to get out of there in the end, whether it’s tile or rug or something else.

  1. A Pogo Stick

A pogo stick is just a really fun way to get around, inside or outside. If you are good at jumping on a pogo stick, then you can get pretty far when it comes to just having fun and getting places, too. Some people might look at you strangely if you take this out in public and get beyond the sidewalk.

These aren’t just for eight year olds anymore! Try them out and see what you think. Although it’s best to try them out in a wide open space that’s paved!


  1. Hoverboard

While the trend of hovering on a board may have fizzled a bit and is not quite as hot as it may have been several months ago, you can still rely on this piece of tech to bring a bit of fun. Sure, it’s going to make you look really old if you’re above thirty years old doing this, so maybe you should save it for the home over a building.

On the other hand, you only live once and it’s known for a fact that these things can be really fun. Hovering on a board can be very enjoyable and once you get the hang of trying to navigate it, there’s really nothing more that can stop you now.

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