Do you use an air compressor at home? Do you use air compressors in your workshop or premises? You surely want to extend the life of your compressor. For this, in addition to proper use, the most effective strategy is to properly maintain the compressor.

In this article here is a step by step explanation how to maintain the compressed air compressor, be it a private individual or a company.

How to do the air compressor maintenance?

As with any vehicle or work equipment, the mere use of the tool generates wear. Without periodic preventative maintenance, you can use it, but sooner or later, breakdowns or total collapse will arise and thus you must read the prevention method here at

The maintenance of air compressors does not require great technical knowledge, but it must be addressed from each and every one of the elements or parts of the compressor: change the oil, the filters, check the valves or control the gas container.

Thus, to perform the maintenance of the compressor, it is necessary to follow some steps that are categorized into three types of processes.

Maintenance to air filters

Check the lubrication of the compressor pneumatic system

Check the volume of compressed air in the boiler and its general condition.

Next, it is described each of the maintenance actions for compressors that can be carried out with a minimum knowledge of mechanics. By following these tips, you will have your air compressor for many years.

Compressor Filter Change

The compressor filter fulfills a unique mission: to clean the air used by the compressor (or the corresponding gas), of all impurities.

The compressor collects the gas and accumulates it inside, but this gas has a series of impurities, including bacteria, that without proper filtering, will end up on the surface or space where you can apply the compressed air compressor.

How often should the air filter be changed?

The efficient uptime of a compressor air filter is around 2000 hours of activity, on average. The exact time will depend on the manufacturer and the conditions of use of the compressor. Always check the compressor manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the best decision when it comes to maintenance.

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