Hemp CBD is well known in the market all around the world for its therapeutic properties. Besides, Marijuana CBD is popular for its psychoactive effects. The main difference between both of them is THC levels which is responsible for the poisonous or psychoactive effect. Marijuana CBD has high THC and Hemp CBD has low THC.

THC levels below 0.3% are safe to use for problems like anxiety, ADHD, acne, ageing and etc. This is the reason why the usage of Hemp CBD has become more common in the recent days. However, FDA did not approve its usage for medical purpose.

Most of the people generally feel anxious and nervous before giving any public speech. Many people also experience the same while giving any presentation in their college or office. You can overcome that fear of speaking and anxiety by simply using CBD (Hemp). It also offers relief from pain as well. It is common to experience body pain post doing a severe workout.

Similarly, you may experience body pains after going to your home from office especially if you are a police officer or first responder. All such people could choose CBD to stay relieved from pain and to have a healthy sleep.

Though we have ‘n’ number of stores in online which offer CBD only some of them offer good quality CBD products. Sellers would require a lot of hemp plants to derive very small amount of CBD which can cost them more. Because of this some of them mix other ingredients with CBD and sell them to their customers.

Besides, those extra ingredients may or may not be safe for the users. In fact, they may cause side-effects. Hence, you should buy a CBD product only after going through its label properly. To avoid all this confusion, you could choose Just CBD oil. You can actually find a wide range of options on JustCBDstore like CBD oils, gummies, capsules and etc.

How CBD can help the cancer patients?

We all know that cancer is a deadly disease. Besides, most of the patients experience a lot of side-effects during the treatment process especially chemo therapy. Mouth sores, hair loss and fatigue are some of the common side-effects of chemotherapy. Have a look below to know the signs of cancer.

  • Severe cough
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Blood in your stool
  • Anemia
  • Frequent urination

CBD can help you by minimizing the chemotherapy side-effects and cancer symptoms but do take the advice of your doctor before using it.

What is the right CBD dosage?

You should consider the advice of a medical professional only when it comes to CBD dosage. Remember, playing with CBD dosage can put your health at risk. All the female first time users should use small amount of CBD initially to understand whether their body is able to tolerate CBD or not. Do check the state laws of the place you are living in before using these products.

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