Remember that handsome botak French guy on Orchard road a few years back that took Singapore by STORM?

French contact juggler extraordinare, Mickael Bellemene, is BACK in Singapore and I have to say he is arguably one of the best performers around and I’m so glad he loves it here enough to return! I mean, the thing that really makes him stand out, aside from (ladies this is for you) his chiselled jaw and appealing physical appearance (true story), is that each Performance is uniquely different depending on the crowd he has around him. With his 15 years of experience as an international performer, he told me that he has been intertwining his artistry with the corporate scene, weaving a beautiful story between his craft and aspects within the client’s industry, creating something relevant for their guests at the event.

Are there other contact jugglers in Singapore?


But not all contact jugglers are created equal.

Mickael Bellemene was born in France, and made his way around the world performing and creating shows before he decided to base himself in Singapore, Asia, about 6 years ago. He has had to bridge language barriers in Hong Kong, China, and the Middle East, but his myriad of experiences have allowed him to build a widespan knowledge of not only how to perform around different cultures and backgrounds, but the types of humour that have proven to get a laugh, no matter where you’re from in the world. In short, this international visual entertainer, crystal ball contact juggler extraordinaire, knows how people work, and it was CLEAR for me as an audience to his performances.

A True Master is an Eternal Student.

By that principle, and the sheer amount of time he spends enriching his thoughts, practicing his craft, and developing new interests, Mickael is indeed a True Master of contact juggling. Putting himself in the position of the organizer is also one of his strengths as he tries to comprehend the outcomes of the client’s intentions as a whole, working closely with the ultimate goals that the client has set out to accomplish for their esteemed event, corporate, gala, roadshow, or family day. I asked him if he had had any business training prior to becoming a performer, because why would be understand the corporate world like that, right?

He shared, “As a Performer, my job is to perform. As a Creative, my job is to enhance. So first, I have to find out what they need,”.

How grounded and true.

I guess creativity bridged into the corporate world really is another skill on its own! Something Mickael is innately able to bring to the table.

So I guess with Mr. Bellemene, not only do you get the most versatile French crystal ball performer available in Singapore, your guests leave with memorable souvenirs from an exhilarating, passionate, and international quality interaction, unlike any other.

In the words of the one and only Maya Angelou:

“…people will forget what you said,

People will forget what you did,

But they will never forget

The way you made them Feel.”

So, how do you take your event entertainment to the next level of experiential greatness?


Hire Mickael Bellemene, French Contact Juggler, Visual Performer Extraordinaire, and watch jaws drop, tears fall, and #instaworthy memories pop up everywhere!

Go Mickael!

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