What is Risk assessment software?

Necessary and used by companies around the globe, Risk assessment, or management software, is a set of tools used to manage critical risks faced by businesses or to help prevent them altogether. The software is flexible and isn’t confined to one industry or sector alone and can be used for all sorts of risks, including legal, operational, financial, and strategic, and is the process of logging, predicting and assessing threats to a business.

RAMs App

RAMs App is a risk assessment software that allows the user to carry out multiple tasks in one convenient place, helping you stay compliant while winning more business and impressing clients. Easy to operate and Cloud-based, the app allows you to undergo risk assessments and COSHH assessments, method statements, and even staff training making it perfect for any industry or workplace.

The app is highly trusted by businesses across many sectors from global organisations to local authorities, and sole traders and all content located within the software is written, updated, and reviewed by the beAcreddited Group and their H&S consultants. The app’s clients also include Newcastle United Premiership Football Club as well as Beamish, the UK’s largest open-air museum, protecting their assets by mediating any factors that might cause potential harm to their earnings.

What does it do?

With over 300 ready-made assessments highlighting the potential hazards in the workplace, the risk assessment software has four types of software built-in, including Risk Assessment, Method Statement and training software alongside Toolbox talks. This is a type of training software that gives the user access to an extensive library of toolbox talks, which are written by qualified health and safety consultants.

The risk assessment software also allows you to create, edit, and then send your assessments instantly at the click of a finger, at any time and any place. Perfect for managing all of your safety requirements, the method statement function allows you to make use of fast and convenient ready-made statements as well as the editing functionality to edit your reports to suit your work activities. You can even add your own content and use the COSHH software to choose from thousands of assessments ready-made to send at the touch of a mouse.

How does it work?

To get the most out of the app, select your trade and what you want to include to ensure that the content is specific towards you and your business needs. From there, you can move onto creating site or task-specific assessments on any chosen device – simply input your project details and select identifiable hazards on-site to get your very own document.

Choose from the vast selection of pre-written assessments from the extensive library and edit the already pre-existing content to reflect your needs or add your own, including any additional information, content, or images. Make sure to tick all of the available options that apply to your individual scenario and outline the work you are doing. Once all of the information has been filled, you are ready to email or download the completed document, branded with your company logo ready for use.

Found a mistake or need to update the assessment? The review and edit feature are there to help you make quick changes, whether you are in the office or on-site. And if you find that you have another similar risk assessment, the app allows you to create, save and duplicate your own library when you need it, saving you the time and stress of having to start all over again. Simply save for safekeeping when you are done and store to use at a later date.

While no programme can tell you exactly how to do your job, the RAMs app comes pretty close and is an excellent tool for every business to have by their side. Made to create over 400 individual tasks to accommodate each industry and as many assignments possible, the app always gives each user something that they can use or base their own assessment upon, with fully editable data. Fully flexible and taking the complexities of hectic everyday life into account, the app gives you the option to either fully or partially complete and create your assessment in the office, on-site or alternative location.

The software comes with four various pay monthly options to suit organisations of all sizes, starting from £20 for a starter plan, and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. No different from any other app. All that’s required is an internet connection, so save precious time, resources, and stress and click download.

So, if you would like to be able to produce professional risk assessment software and other health and safety documentation complete with your own company logo why not take a look at the excellent packages on offer at RAMs App?

With reasonable rates and an excellent service offering you all the help and information you need it could be the perfect way to help improve your businesses working practises.  For further information visit the RAMs App Risk Assessment website and let us help you manage your Risk assessment process.

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