As technology changes there will be many times where you will just need to work on getting your employees familiar with the changes in the business. There are many opportunities to plan for the future. When you want to build your business, you have to think with technology in mind. This has become something that you must incorporate into your business so it makes sense to look at the options that are available when it comes to training, network security, policies and procedures and software updates for your business.

Greater Network Security

A demand for greater internet security has become a very real part of the business world. There is a greater demand for this because there are more people that are interested in attacking your network if you have vulnerabilities. You need to put yourself in a place where your network is going to be able to withstand attacks if you are the system administrators. Much of this comes with educating the employees that are inside of your network.

You may have someone that may ask what does intranet mean because they are unaware of files that are shared through the internet versus the others that are shared through a more secure internal network. It may be difficult for them to even access some files if this is an employee that does not know the difference between Intranet and Internet.

The VPN Connection That You Need

Anytime that you have telecommuters that are working from home there is going to be a need to share information. There may be someone that is interested in sharing files between other workers that are currently in the building. What you need to do is make sure that these users that work from home have access to VPN connections. That is going to be the thing that helps these workers get the job done.

Sharing Outside of the Intranet

When you start sharing files outside of the Intranet you are going to run into different types of issues. The Internet is obviously a much more secure path for sharing files inside of the business. Sometimes there is secure information that does not need to go outside of your Intranet. When you have these types of files your workers should be notified of all of the files that should not be transferred to any type of cloud or external site.

Many businesses are adapting to the SharePoint map file drive for workers inside of the business. This tends to work well because it allows you to create a drive that is going to be mapped for people that have specific access to certain files. They may be able to view files, but they will not be able to edit the file in any way. There are also some photo restrictions that people may have that are based on the network policies and the users in active directory. You can utilize a lot of these things to cut down on the amount of data hacking that can occur.

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