A trade show is an essential marketing event for any business, as it gives you an opportunity to approach prospective clients and increase sales. Since trade shows are a crucial part of the marketing toolkit, you should be careful to ensure that you design and manage your trade show booths properly. For effective trade show participation, the stall or booth assigned to your company should be set up in a manner that attracts clients. Companies have many options when it comes to selecting trade show displays in Vancouver, including table top, custom, pop-up, and modular displays. Customizing your trade show display will help you effectively lure potential clients.

Before choosing a certain type of trade show display, it is important to consider the needs and objectives of your business. You should also consider whether you are going to buy or rent the trade show displays. Once you have the display, ensure proper trade show installation to get the most from this event. Read on to learn about the different types of trade show displays in Vancouver.

Table Top Displays

These displays normally consist of a metallic framework that is easily collapsible and can be fitted into a small bag. Table top displays also have graphic panels that you can attach to the major framework using magnets or mechanical fasteners. The major benefit of this type of trade show display is that it is easy to transport and install. If you are looking for easy trade show installation, then table top display is a good choice. The tables for setting up these displays are usually provided by the trade show event organizers.

Pop-Up Displays

These are also known as portable or pull-up displays and they consist of a flexible graphic panel that is made of fabric or any other artificial material. The panel rests on a spring roller on which the graphic panel is wound down for storage. You can pull up the graphic and hold it in place using a built-in support. Pop-up displays are available in three types – straight, curved, and custom. The main benefit of pop-up displays is that they are portable, lightweight, and easy to set up.

Custom Displays

These are trade show displays that are designed according to the needs and specifications provided by the exhibitor. A custom trade show display is a combination of different ideas, components and fabrics that reflect the objectives of the company. Custom trade show displays in Vancouver can be produced either by the company’s in-house design team or by employed professionals.

Modular Displays

These displays are normally bigger in size and they consist of a fabric panel or metal frame construction that completely covers the allotted space. Modular displays are very lightweight. The components of these displays are easy to transport and reconfigure for other trade show events. The major benefit of these displays is that they are versatile and can be personalized to look different for other trade shows.

Now that you know the available types of trade show displays in Vancouver, you can easily select one that best suits your company.

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