Choose Your Own Local Sponsor. There are many ways by which you can start a business in Dubai. However, if you don’t want to go by traditional business set-ups, then the best choice would be to start a business through which you can personally participate in the growth and development of the emirate. One way to get a sponsor is by approaching a Dubai national, who can be a UAE national or someone who is already a resident of the emirate. If the sponsor isn’t from Dubai, you have the option to approach a local commercial property developer or a UAE prince or princess.

Obtain the Membership of Free Trade Zones. Once you have obtained the approval for establishment in the free trade zones of the city, the next thing you need to do is to apply for a trademark. Once your trademark is approved, the trademark should be transferred to your name and the company’s name at the same time. It is very important that you follow all the rules and regulations imposed on the registration of the trademark. For setting up a business in Dubai, this is very important.

Setting Up a Business in Dubai – Rules and Regulations. Once you have established a legal identity for your business, it is highly recommended to learn and follow all the rules and regulations imposed by the government and the commercial property developers. For starting a business in Dubai, you may need to provide the government with a 3-clay slab according to the law of the emirate. In order to obtain the permit for starting a business in Dubai, you will have to submit a Request for Compilation of Registration Certificate. The certificate is not compulsory, but the price may be high depending on the value of the slab.

Obtaining a Business License. The laws of Dubai prohibit private individuals from setting up a business in the emirate without having a valid business license from the Dubai government. Therefore, you should get a valid business license before proceeding with your plans. The commercial property developer in Dubai does not issue the license on its own; you will have to submit your application to the concerned authorities in Dubai. A number of companies are available that can assist you in getting your commercial business license.

Getting Your Free Zoning. Starting a business in Dubai is highly recommended if you are looking forward to earning substantial profits. One of the best ways to earn profits is by building an investment property in Dubai free zones. The free zones have low investment and rental rates compared to other traditional areas. Consequently, many investors prefer to start a business in these areas because they offer a relatively better return on their money than other commercial properties in Dubai.

Setting Up a Business in Dubai – Setting up a Business License. To start a business in Dubai, you need to obtain a Business License from the Dubai Police Department upon registration of your company. Business License is required for all local or foreign corporations carrying out retail sales in the emirate. You can get all the relevant information on how to start a business in Dubai from your legal advisor.

Setting up a Business in Dubai With the advent of the free trade zones in the city, the business prospects in Dubai have increased manifold. Many prominent business houses from all over the world including the UAE have established their headquarters here. Besides the free trade zones, there are many commercial centres and zones like the Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Sorts City, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Festival City, Dubai Marina, Dubai Sorts Outlets City, Dubai Shopping City etc. The growth and development in this city are tremendous and the commercial capital of the UAE. Thus, you can surely say that Dubai is one of the most successful destinations in terms of setting up a business in Dubai.