Looking for an exciting, memorable team building experience? You’ll want to consider the best corporate escape room South Florida has to offer,The One 2 Escape.


What is a team building escape room? It’s a themed room with an intriguing, adventurous storyline where you and your teammates become part of the action. Working together and against the clock, you must find and follow ingenious clues, solve a series of puzzles and crack codes to accomplish your mission and escape. A team building escape room is a fast-paced and exciting team activity. It will challenge your ingenuity and ability to solve problems as a team. It will immerse and entertain you with an engaging story and fantastic interior design and decorations. Most of all, it’s fun!

The One 2 Escape is locally owned and operated by a U.S. Military Combat Veteran. His experience is reflected in the design of the rooms, the compelling, mission-based storylines and the perplexing clues, puzzles, and codes that confront team members. Each team building escape room has been designed to provide a safe, action-packed adventure that your team will talk about for years to come.

Rooms can accommodate from 8-12 team members, and each adventure is 60 minutes long. You and your teammates will have a blast as you work together to beat the clock. There are a variety of rooms and different challenge levels, and it’s easy to book your event online or by phone. Group bookings are always eligible for discounts, and you’ll find that our convenient location, comfortable, private space, and professional staff will make for a memorable team building event. As an added bonus, we offer a photo session with your team at the end of your adventure, a great keepsake to remember your trip to The One 2 Escape.

Your team deserves the best corporate escape room experience. Book today and see if you have what it takes to accomplish your mission!

Tired of the same old date night every time? No matter how good that Netflix marathon might be, doing it again and again just isn’t that interesting (at least until they finally make a new season of Bojack Horseman). You need something a little more fun to spice things up. For that, you need an escape room.

Everyone’s heard of them but surprisingly few people actually decide to try it out. That’s a shame, since an escape room is the perfect idea for a fun and unique date night that you can’t get anywhere else. http://www.12escape.com/