Moving is an arduous process at the best of times – how difficult is it to move an entire enterprise, then? According to today’s leading commercial movers, quite a bit. From service disruptions to organizational woes and even everyday items going missing – there is a lot to cover. So, if you’re planning to move soon, here’s everything you’ll need to know to make it go as smoothly as possible – without disrupting your business processes. Let’s get into it, with advice from industry leaders – Express Moving Van Lines!


Make sure to plan everything down to a T. It might seem daunting, but the only way to ensure smooth sailing is to have every detail of the move planned out in advance. The best tactic for this approach is to assign this function to a trustworthy employee or to hire someone who can handle it – of course accounting for the workload, and work interruptions involved.

Organize it ahead of time, and the move will prove that much less of a challenge. Do not ever wait until the month your lease is up to start making plans: that’s how bad decisions happen when time costs more than money. Instead, start by taking inventory of your company’s items 3-5 months in advance. Plan things out slowly, and ensure further success down the road.

Hire professionals

If you’re running a small business or startup, it might be tempting to waive hiring movers and “figure it out on your own”. That small decision can easily lead to considerable losses, in terms of time, money, and most importantly of all: productivity. The more time you spend “between places” – the more you will lose overall, in terms of opportunities and accumulated losses, whether it’s service losses or compound interest.

Choose movers you can trust, specializing in office relocations – and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Experienced movers can make your time moving entirely effortless, thanks to their clear directions and project goals.

Arrange for the move

In other words, don’t go out of service the moment you start your office move. Keep your systems up and running by outsourcing them to a cloud provider for a day, or at least the most important ones. Similarly, ensure that as many things run uninterrupted as possible – consult with your accountant for figuring out what the most significant ones are revenue-wise, and focus on them.

In other words, have as much of a backup plan – as well as a business forward-plan, for the day of the move.

What comes after the move?

The above question is also one you must answer BEFORE starting the moving process. Arrange for the place you arrive at to be fully prepared to receive an entire business moving company. This means setting up elevator permissions, disassembling items down to a size they can pass through the place, and planning out the overall placement of the items.

Make sure to include an obligatory celebration for your company after the move – it’s generally one of the more stressful times in a company’s life, as changes are inevitably a shift in the routine. Accommodate the human mind’s desire for peace by arranging for a pleasant time together, at the end of it all. It’s sure to boost team morale and make for a great entry into a more productive future business endeavor.

We sincerely hope these tips will help you make the most out of your company’s moving day! If you’re looking for expert California movers who know their trade, make sure to give Express Moving Van Lines a go. Best of luck!

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