One of the most important components of any good cleaning franchise is the employee. Hiring the right people is such a critical part of the process because these individuals are tasked not only with carrying out their respective duties as a member of your staff, but each one is a representation of you and your business.

You want the best people working for you, because they are the ones who will be conducting the day-to-day operations of your franchise. If you’re not going to be on site each day, then you must absolutely be assured that you have put the best possible in charge of your enterprise.

So how does one go about hiring and then managing their workforce? Through a carefully thought-out process of identifying the right people for the jobs you need to be filled and that all starts with deciding what those are exactly.

Know the Job

You can only find the best candidates for the position after you know how to define that position. That starts with knowing the specifics of the job including the tasks involved, all physical and psychological expectations associated with performing those tasks, and the reason why that job has been delineated as essential to the daily operations of the business.

Once you can easily identify all of these requirements, only then can you pinpoint which prospective candidates fit the bill.

Creating the Advertisement

Your help wanted ad needs to be well-written in order for people to gravitate towards your opportunity. If they don’t feel like you’re running a professional organization, they might be reluctant to send you a resume.

So be sure that your ad has a clear job description to attract the right candidates, but also contains specific requirements necessary to fill the position. This can be a smart way to prevent unqualified individuals from submitting a resume and wasting your time in the process.

Interviewing Candidates

After you’ve put out the call for candidates you’re going to receive a wide array of resumes from many different sources. Here is where you need to take some real time and effort to identify which candidates are worth meeting in person.

Before you do that, you’ll need to come up with a series of questions to ask when you sit down with each individual and discuss their qualifications and desires for the job. This will also include asking about their experience as it appears on the resume and ascertains how each candidate responds to your queries throughout the interview.

The important thing to remember is to take your time, don’t rush the decisions for staffing up your personnel. You could be doing more damage than good with the wrong employees in your franchise.

Positive Working Environment

Some of the aspects here are self-explanatory; provide a clean work environment with the proper basics for doing the job properly, such as adequate lighting, equipment, and location.

Organization is also key to making sure that your employees know what is expected of them on a day to day basis and they have a clear and precise job to do with achievable goals.

Keeping your employees motivated is also very important and you can do this by ensuring that they are apprised of the company’s progress and success. Holding routine meetings can also make your employees feel as if they are a valued part of the business. Praise your staff for a job well done when appropriate and be stern in correcting any problems that emerge on a routine basis.

Good employees are those who fully understand their role in the company and are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Proper Training

The most effective way to manage your staff is by ensuring that each member of the team has been properly trained to carry out the duties he or she is hired to perform. As the franchise owner you may also need to undergo some period of training in order to provide the exact product or service that your business is offering to the public.

Some franchisors will come in and train you and your staff, others are more focused on training franchisees, who are then responsible for informing employees of the instruction they received.

But this is a critical aspect for the success of the enterprise and putting your employees through all of the paces will all but guarantee they are able to represent your franchise in a manner befitting the business. It’s also important that you refresh your employees with updated training measures on a periodic basis.

This way you know your staff is always up to date on the latest adjustments and changes that are being made to the operational structure of the company and your employees are always performing to the peak of their abilities.

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