Trade shows offer great opportunities for businesses to express themselves and find new customers as well as nurture and improve current client relationships. It’s also an excellent prospect to market businesses to other businesses, stay up to date with the developments in the industry and keep tabs on the competitors’ actions and practices. The wise decision you can make to realize these benefits is to seek the services of an expert in the industry and ExpoMarketing is the ideal partner.

With numerous years of business in the trade show industry, ExpoMarketing is the leader in creating amazing and customized solutions across the United States. Any kind of business needs to apply the best practices to succeed in achieving its objectives in any trade show event. Below are various best practices a business can apply for its participation in a trade show to be a success:

Prepare And Plan Before The Trade Show Event

Take time to make general preparation before the actual trade show event. It will help you out in figuring the most appropriate plan of persuasions and convictions. Reading this article is an excellent starting point! Take notes in your notebook and list everything you need between now and the trade show time. Planning early will make your trade show event easier and most likely more successful.


Competition is unavoidable in trade show events and it also means you have one great chance to wow your potential clients and for you to succeed in doing just that, you need the right team. Pick the best sellers and the most knowledgeable staff members. Choose your trade show staff early and give them time to prepare for the show so as to bring out the best of their salesmanship. Proper staffing for the trade show will make a big difference in selling your brand and products.

Start Early

If you wish to make the most of the experience, start early to avoid getting bogged down by small details when you should be preparing yourself mentally right before the show. Make early arrangements for things like reserving space, designing and building the booth including shipping and installation details. Getting all these stuff done before the show will give you better experience during the show.

Demonstration Check

If you have plans to make demonstrations for your products, practice exhaustively to ensure they are not going to have any hitches. Avoid embarrassments and conduct rigorous tests with your staff several times before the actual day of the show. Also have a backup plan to ensure your demonstrations are clear and able to drive your objectives home.

Brand Everything and Provide Branded Gifts

Irrespective of the size, brand the entire booth. Be consistent with your branding including the theme, banners, images and design materials. Be creative and provide unique branded gifts. Whether they’re t-shirts or pens, brand them consistently. Even providing re-usable and branded water bottles is a very smart move and it is exciting and beneficial to observe huge masses as a walking commercial for your brand in a trade show event.

Trade shows gives you a great chance to engage with your potential clients at personal level through face-to-face marketing. The best practices we have mentioned above will significantly boost your chances to succeed in a trade show event. However, you are lucky! ExpoMarketing is an expert in trade show event and have the right experience over the years to help you with your trade show event. They will provide you with personalized and customized solutions that will enable you to get maximum benefits from the upcoming trade show event.


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