Sustainability has become one of the central concepts and concerns on the planet. There are all sorts of high-quality products out there. But the one thing that most of them lack is how they will impact the earth once used. 

You might not be able to see them anymore, or you may fill up a landfill with some products, but it doesn’t mean they don’t leave behind lasting, potentially harmful effects. The good news is that companies are proactively working to reduce their footprint and ensure their products do not leave behind issues. 

EVRgreen® is one such solution. The company founded this product based on a reduce-recycle-reuse approach, as they do with all their products. Their commitment is to know how their products will impact and to ensure that impact is as eco-friendly as possible. 

What is EVRgreen®?

EVRgreen® is designed to be a biodegradable technology that allows recycling but also ensures the product’s end-of-life occurs with biodegradation rather than indefinitely taking up space in a landfill. 

The unique aspect here is the ability to continue to recycle as well. EVRgreen® is known as an EPS or expandable polystyrene material. It is entirely biodegradable. It has a steady shelf life, much like any other EPS material, and can be recycled like those products. 

The difference between a traditional EPS and EVRgreen® is biodegradability. 

Biodegradation doesn’t happen just sitting on a shelf either. It’s enhanced by microbe-rich environments that will encourage it to degrade. 

Biodegradation Details

Regarding biodegradable properties, EVRgreen® was designed to be used in the real world and then degraded in the trash world. Whether you recycle or throw it into the refuse, it will not end up taking up precious space or adding to trash piles worldwide. 

The biodegradation rate stimulates the ability to biodegrade up to 92% in four years. This rate is based on active landfills with moisture in them. The rates can vary depending on the environment the materials are in. Most landfills are known to have wet environments, which stimulates biodegradation. 

Since EVRgreen® is an organic compound with biodegradable properties, it won’t leave behind piles of trash. Instead, it will break down into organic materials such as methane, carbon dioxide, and renewable organics. There’s no contamination and no plastic, even when burned. 

The Benefit of EVRgreen® in Business

EVRgreen® allows companies to use the same products they’ve been using. But rather than having foam or plastic, the biodegradable EVRgreen® material is used. The benefit is a significant reduction in the trash, leading to the support of a more sustainable lifestyle for the earth. 

A variety of products can be made with EVRgreen®, including replacing things like foam coolers, cups, and more. The result is knowing there will be reduced impact on the earth and far less trash in the landfills thanks to EVRgreen®’s biodegradable properties.

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