Speed Up Report Distribution Using Power BI Reports Scheduler (PBRS)

Automated report scheduling and delivery tools help take data proactively and efficiently to the relevant end-user at the right time. If you are looking for a powerful tool to streamline information delivery, optimize the running of multiple reports on your network, and speed up report distribution, Power BI Scheduler (PBRS) has you covered. This tool boasts several robust features, including a multithreading functionality that quickly generates SSRS reports and distributes them to multiple recipients.

What Is SSRS?

SQL server reporting services (SSRS) is reporting software that enables users to produce formatted reports with tables in the form of data, charts, images, and graphs. An SSRS is part of the Microsoft SQL Server Services Suite designed to host reports that can be executed at any time via parameters that a user defines.

What Is Multi-Threading?

Multi-threading is a technique where multiple processors leverage a single set of code at different stages of execution. It is a model of a program that allows for multiple threads to be created within a process, albeit independently but concurrently through shared process results. 

What Is PBRS?

PBRS (Power BI Reports Scheduler) is an on-premise reporting solution that helps users automate filtration, scheduling, exporting, and distribution of power BI reports, SSRS reports, and dashboards. The solution is designed for use in various businesses, no matter their size and across all industries. With PBRS, you can schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports and automate them to run depending on event triggers like database value, database modification, and unread emails in the post office protocol mailbox. It supports various formats, including DOC, XLS, CSV, PDF, and TIF report formats. You can also identify specific destinations for your reports, like SharePoint, email, or a database for targeted report delivery. Other notable functionalities include multithreading, remote administration, Windows service scheduler, scheduled system backups, report history snapshots, and more. 

Speed Up Report Distribution Using Power BI Reports Scheduler (PBRS)

Delivering hard data into the right hands quickly, efficiently, and consistently is an effective way to enhance your team’s efficiency and productivity. This is where the Power BI Scheduler (PBRS) comes in. Specifically, the multithreading functionality in Power BI Scheduler allows the initial report generation step to execute quickly so a user can leverage data-driven features to distribute the reports via printers, emails, and more. The solution provides flexible, highly customizable, and function-rich destination functionality that supports automating reports with Power BI subscriptions.

Let us look at the features available with each destination:


Here’s what’s available in terms of printers as PBRS destinations:

  • Power BI report to the printer
  • Power BI Dashboard to Printer
  • Output to a single printer.
  • Multiple copies to a single printer.
  • Output to multiple printers (bulk printing).
  • Multiple copies to multiple printers.


Some of the features available in terms of emails as a PBRS destination include:

Server functions:

  • SSRS report to email
  • Power BI report to email
  • Power BI dashboard to email
  • Email Power BI reports & dashboards automatically
  • Email SSRS reports automatically
  • Set up & use one or multiple SMTP servers
  • Use different SMTP servers/accounts for various schedules
  • Nominate one or more SMTP servers as backup or failover servers
  • Connect to Secure SMTP servers
  • Connect and send via GroupWise
  • Connect & send via MAPI

API with other MS software:

  • Use Outlook/Exchange address book
  • Silent integration with MS Exchange & MS Outlook  
  • Use PBRS’ built-in address book
  • Read email addresses from a database
  • Insert additional files as attachments
  • CC & BCC
  • Insert personalized tags in the email body. For example, Dear {tablename.firstname}
  • Send emails in plain text or HTML
  • Read email address from a mailing list (text file)
  • Use raw HTML code to construct better-looking emails
  • Embed report into the email body
  • Read Receipt Processing

Easier distribution of data insights

Leveraging a solution like PBRS that comes with multi-threading capabilities means you will spend less time setting up the tools and more time on efforts to get the desired results from the data the tool is distributing. PBRS is uniquely designed to save time, eliminate disruptions and ensure seamless workflows by allowing busy people to focus on the tasks at hand. The following are some of the capabilities of Power BI Scheduler:

Quick and efficient distribution of power BI and SSRS reports: The PBRS is designed to think and work in an organized and logical manner, just like the human brain. Once you have provided it with critical information such as frequency, output, and recipients, the platform takes over to create and distribute scheduled reports quickly and efficiently. PBRS is an ideal tool that performs automated deliveries to targeted recipients in the perfect format and within the specified timelines.

Customization of power BI and SSRS reports: If your work thrives on pinpoint accuracy and timing, PBRS is an ideal tool for you. With this tool, you can achieve precision scheduling and customization of Power BI reports and SSRS reports, so it runs perfectly when you want it. Ideally, you can customize your reports to run hourly, daily, or some specific time of the day, week, and month.

Event triggering: PBRS is equipped with functionalities and features that produce reports independent of standard calendars and dates based on event triggers. The Power BI Reports and Dashboard distribution process leverages real-time monitoring to produce reports when an event triggers a need.

Data-driven subscriptions: PBRS’ Data-Driven Subscriptions for Power BI & SSRS provides users with the best solution to manage several recipients ( over 10, 000) with just one schedule. You can leverage the data-driven schedule to drive all variables of your reporting requirements, including filters, destinations, and output formats.

Pre and post-delivery automation: You can also leverage PBRS for workflows and automated business processes that must happen before or after a report has been generated. The tool comes with the Custom Task feature that enables users to quickly and efficiently accomplish tasks before or after a report. These tasks may include updating a database with new values, running a program, and modifying files such as PDFs.

Optimize Your Report Distribution with Power BI Reports Scheduler

The Power BI Reports scheduler is designed by ChristianSteven Software to help unlock the full potential of Power BI reports and empower your company to quickly access the data they need in the right format. It is the perfect tool that helps you easily automate the filtering, distribution, and delivery of your SSRS and Power BI Reports and Dashboard on cloud and on-premise.


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