Freelancing is a growing trend today as more people are working from home. Freelancers have to find their own clients, set their own hours, work to maintain their clients and are essentially responsible for their own success. The work that you put in as a freelancer is what you’ll get out, and as such, productivity is key for freelancers. A shared workspace can take you out of the home where there are multiple distractions and put you in an environment that is not a traditional office space where you can get more done. Here are some of the reasons a shared workspace is ideal for you.

1. Increased Level of Productivity

A shared workspace provide freelancers with the opportunity to be more productive that working from a home office. This environment allows freelancers to grow their business and social network and absorb new, innovative ideas from those they interact with, which could ultimately allow them to grow their business and increase their income. Additionally, it can be a struggle to ignore the distractions in a home office setting, and a shared workspace may provide the opportunity to focus and put in more work.

2. Day-to-Day Socialization

Freelancers who work from a home office work in isolation and lacks socialization. While you aren’t necessarily ruining your social skills by working remotely, it can get lonely working as a freelancer. This may cause some people to feel unhappy and even less productive, but a shared workspace could remedy that issue. A freelancer working in a shared rental studio place may experience increase creativity and productivity, as well as overall  happiness because he/she will have daily socialization with those in the same environment.

3. Present a More Professional Image

A home office doesn’t automatically scream professional and it’s normal for freelancers to want to maintain a level of professionalism in their remote setting. Some see this as essential to their credibility as a working professional. A shared workspace allows freelancers to create the space that best represents their style of professionalism and is appropriate for meeting clients.

4. Allow Work-Life Balance

It can be a struggle for freelancers to create a work-life balance, without mixing housework with be professional work. That cross over can create an imbalance that can make you less productive as a freelancer. Managing a healthy work-life balance requires discipline and a shared work environment, like the spaces provided by Sky Box Studios (flexible work space with iMac stations and versatile space for film production and workshops) is what you need to to keep you grounded and centered.

5. Establish a Central Location for Clients

Oftentimes, freelancers do not have a primary location to conduct business and meet clients. A space that is accessible and centralized is great for your freelance business. Clients appreciate the convenience and working out of a shared office space that is centrally located in your city is a good move. With a central location, you’ll have an address to share with clients, which will make it easy to find you and boost your professional status.

You may have certain challenges as a freelancer that can be solved by working from a shared workspace. You can improve productivity, enjoy daily socialization, boost your professionalism, gain work-life balance and establish a central location for your  business. Sky Box Studio’s creative space may be just what you need to elevate yourself as a freelancer.

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