For a family, military lifestyle is usually a difficult task. However, the military career has some outstanding benefits. These benefits come in terms of money, discounts, and others. The military receives a bi-monthly paycheck, and in addition to this, they receive other benefits like health care, subsidized groceries as well as money for housing. When it comes to family members enjoying the military benefits, they have to be on the list in the military’s personnel system as well as in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). This enables the family members to have military ID cards. The only people who qualify for these benefits are the spouse or a child. However, some other circumstances can make other family members to have military cards.

There is base pay for every military. This also comes with numerous other allowances, bonuses, and special pays depending on specific terms like paygrade, deployment, and military job. For those who have families, they enjoy such military benefits wellington oh like basic allowance for housing and basic allowance for subsistence.

Families that belong to active-duty military people receive certain benefits regardless of the branch their member is working in. These benefits include military healthcare called Tricare. As much as Tricare is not an insurance organization, it more of works like one. Tricare helps military family members to receive health care as well as pay their medical bills. Tricare serves two kinds of military family members. There are those who have already retired while there are also those who are still active in the service. In addition to this, Tricare serves families of reservists as well as those of activated guardsmen. Military families receive dental insurance through United Concordia.

Every active military member receives basic allowance for housing as part of bi-weekly pay. The station where one is working from determines that amount one receives when it comes to the housing allowance. It does not consider where one stays because there are those servicemen who decide to stay outside their workstation. It is the duty station that determines the basic allowance and not one’s residence. There are some cases, where one is stationed far away from the family called hardship duty assignment. When such happens, the family members will still receive the basic housing allowance based on where the family decides to stay and not where the military member is stationed.

Military members also receive shopping benefits. The benefits are called non-monetary compensation. Just like normal benefits, these are meant to help the families of the military people to save money on such things they need or want. Shopping benefits help family members to save on groceries and other stuff. In addition to this, military family members also enjoy childcare benefits. Most bases have several hourly or full-time daycare centers.
Moreover, base life comes with military recreational benefits. These are programs that take place at the base. The programs are very affordable compared to what other off-base people are enjoying because the government subsidizes their costs. Most bases have gyms, bowling alleys, pools, event centers, horse stables, golf courses, and others.

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