Obtaining a patent for your business trademark, innovation or design work is an important legal process whose benefits cannot be quantified. With a patent, a legal situation is created where the patented innovation or design can only be exploited with the legal authority of the owner. In most cases, the protection conferred by the patent has a time limit; usually 20 years. Intellectual property protection is core to commercial success. If you are looking for a copyright registration service in Oakville, we’ve got you covered. Here is all you need to know about the patent registration process.

Why go for a patent?

With a patent, the owner of the invention is given the right to exclude others from using, making and selling their invention. With this in law, the patent allows the owner to derive some material benefits to which he’s entitled as a reward for the intellectual work, effort and compensation for the expenses incurred during the innovation process. Choosing the best patent office in Oakville can be a daunting experience; however, this shouldn’t worry you anymore as we have covered all the procedures and factors considered when obtaining a patent.

Conditions necessary to obtain a patent

When it comes to copyright registration in Oakville, there are critical factors that must be met for an invention to be eligible for patent protection. These include patentable subject matter and proof that the invention is useful (also referred to as industrially applicable). The invention should also be new and must have enough inventive steps.


Any registered and licensed Canadian trademark and patent agent should have the necessary skills when it comes to filing trademark and patent applications. A well-organized network of associated attorneys, foreign agents, patent and trademark lawyers is all you need for a successful and timely copyright registration.

The process of drafting and filing a patent application can be tiresome and time-consuming. The whole procedure is lengthy; from identification of the invention to an examination of the patent application. Here, patent attorneys and lawyers are all you need to help fulfill all the requirements for patentability in the shortest time possible.

After examination, a patent for an invention can be obtained. This is quite important when drafting the descriptions and claims. When the evaluation and examination process has reached a conclusion that’s favourable to the applicant, the respective patent office will grant a patent on the application. This is after any appearing opposition has been rendered unsuccessful or where there was no opposition filed in the first place.

Importance of a patent

A granted patent in Canada provides you with all the exclusive rights to re-model, hire and even sell the claimed invention. A patent in Oakville will also turn your real-time ideas into property whereby revenue can be generated.

In terms of market shares, the patent allows you to promote and market your invention as a patented work which limits other people from copying or re-inventing your original idea. This helps develop and maintain a protected market share for your intellectual work.

With a patent, you can easily secure investments from potential investors. Apart from being a legal right to own what belongs to you, a patent can be an investment by itself. Obtaining a patent from a registered and licensed patent office in Oakville will grant you the patent rights, however; the government doesn’t automatically enforce the rights. This means it’s up to the owner of the invention to bring an action under civil law, if necessary.


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