Due to excellent infrastructure, business-friendly policies and connectivity, many cities have transformed into world-class business hubs. To attract the biggest names in the ever-expanding and highly competitive field, these marvellous cities are always evolving, investing, and innovating! Let’s now take a look at some famous business cities around the world.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a unique position because of its lack of foreign ownership restrictions and location. These enable companies to function internationally and still have access to a low-cost and highly skilled workforce! The office rental cost in Hong Kong is around £1,700 per square metre!


Singapore’s busy shipping port and airport, low taxes, efficient administration, as well as high-quality infrastructure have made it an excellent choice for various international companies and their emigrant employees. As the demand continues to rise, the office rents are expected to go up soon. Currently, the office rental cost in Singapore is around £625 per square metre!


Tokyo is home to forty-seven Japanese Fortune 500 companies, which include the likes of Mitsubishi, Sony and Honda. This magnificent city is equally headquarters to numerous of the world’s largest insurance companies and investment banks. Along with London and New York, Tokyo is also believed to be one of the three command centres of the world economy. The office rental cost in Tokyo is around £14,800 per square metre!


London still entices the highest number of international companies in Europe and leads in the financial, banking, and professional services sectors worldwide. This wonderful city is home to multinational heavyweights and consists of more than 480 overseas banks. After the global financial crisis, prime rents rebounded in London in 2010! Today, the office rental cost in London is around £700 per square metre (City) or £1,225 per square metre (West End).


This city of 13 million often acts as a hub for operations in Eastern and Central Europe. It has also a high concentration of companies in the specialised services sector given its extremely skilled labour force. The construction of the Moscow International Business Centre and a redevelopment of Moscow’s city centre have also helped strengthen the city’s reputation as a hub. The office rental cost in Moscow is today around £625 per square metre!


Beijing has a high concentration of construction, mining and agricultural companies. Businesses that have a high level of interaction with state-owned companies and government agencies, as well as those in greatly regulated sectors like mining and energy tend to establish an office in China’s political centre. The office rental cost in Beijing is around £530 per square metre!


Madrid consists of more than 75 per cent of companies in the telecommunications, technology and media sector. This gives Madrid boastful rights as a media capital. Telefonica, which is Europe’s second-largest phone company is also found there! Nowadays, Spain is amongst the top countries around the globe when it comes to attracting international companies! The office rental cost in Madrid is around £350 per square metre!

These great business cities have successfully attracted numerous big international companies. So, in the event that you are planning to do business somewhere, this list can hopefully help you. At the same time, business trip has often proved to be stressing and worrying for many reasons. But you don’t have to be since you can always access https://www.robinhoodbingo.com/ to play some relaxing games during your business trip. You never know, out of the thousands of online slots on this site, some of them can inspire you with their interesting themes!

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