Introduction to accounting

The process of accounting mentions to some facts that play a very significant role in auditing. A number of things are involved in accounting that needs attention due to which it is not an easy process. Accounting assists in recording a figure of contacts that may have a financial value or any other value which have an effect on the working of a firm.

As the name recommends, accounting is a process that generally handles the dealings that have financial measures. These dealings involve a final audit which is done by the listed or registered audit firms in Dubai that includes a number of experts for handling the financial transactions and doing the final audit of the firm.

What is audit Dubai

A process which involves the financial statements relevant to an audit firm in Dubai is given a final touch of editing to the final statements is termed as Audit Dubai. The main purpose of an audit is to acquire a final statements record that a company needs to publish in the annual publication regarding its financial statements. These audits are important for a firm as the statements are given a final touch so that they get published in annual books.

The audits done by an individual body are known as an official inspection of the financial statements of a firm. This individual body is an important part of the registered auditing companies in Dubai that includes a team of experts or generally chartered accountants. The accountants are focused in this job of doing audits for providing auditing benefits in Dubai. These audit firms assist the company in getting a general image of the company that can facilitate in producing the required image of a firm in the industry.

This audit involves the inspection of the books, the check of the documents, and vouchers of the firm that have all the financial transaction recorded in it. It is important for a company to prefer registered audit firms in Dubai in order to handle the accounts of a corporation and a right audit. It can assist in keeping the books of the firm and not contain any errors or repetition of entries in the books that might give the incorrect balance of a statement.

Significance of honest people on the job

It is significant to have honest people on the job as this job is a very difficult one which occupies a number of particulars that are required to uphold the books in a firm. For a company, it is essential to have the right control of the auditing people who concentrate on having statements that must not be objectionable or offensive by the government authorities.

The auditors in Dubai are recognized as a group of experts like( Farahat & Co.) who explore the actual situation of a firm. The auditors have the precise ways in order to provide a final touch to the statements of the firm. These statements involve:

  • The balance sheet
  • Profit and loss account
  • Trial balance, and
  • A lot more statements that demonstrate the actual figures of profit or loss of the firm.


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