Affordable public housing programs in the USA are in high demand. There are several homeless and needy people who need shelter and protection. Both state and federal governments provide people with affordable housing programs in all states to those eligible under the scheme.

Martin Lamar- the importance of budget and finance

Martin LaMar is a skilled professional in the field of affordable public housing scheme in the USA. He is the Regional Vice President of McCormack Baron Salazar having more than 10 years of experience in the field of affordable public housing schemes in the USA. He has an in-depth knowledge in affordable housing programs, their operations, management, budget etc. He says like all projects it is important for the Executive Board to meet regularly to discuss financial management and budget. Members on Board have rich experience when it comes to money management and allocation of funds to these projects.

Strategy and plans

He adds there are several strategies and plans that are taken care of in these discussions with the Board. Every applicant expects a home that is safe and clean. This is why the committee needs to pay attention to quality and standards. They work out a budget as per the demands of the market. They list the areas where costs are likely to be high and brainstorm to find out ways via which they can reduce wasteful expenditure and save money.

Application process

The application process for these homes are simple, he says. There are contact numbers and websites to help eligible people find out information about the public housing projects in their region. They need to fill in the application form with their specific details if they are eligible for housing programs. They must be sure of their names. For instance, if two people have the surname Grepe, there will be several applications if people share the same name. This is why these forms ask you to fill in your whole name. If you have a first name, middle name and surname, ensure you enter all of them into the form so that the local board can sent you the letter of approval if you are allotted a home.

If you fall in a low-income group and need a home for shelter, you can check the websites of affordable public housing programs and register your name. In this way, you can find a clean and safe shelter for your needs. You can also help the local or state authorities of your state to help you with finding contact and information details for affordable public housing.

Martin Lamar says that these homes are targeted towards people from the lower income groups. This is why he says that if you are homeless due to public action or natural calamity, you should check whether you are eligible for these homes or not. These homes are also reserved for those that have an immediate threat to their lives if homeless, victims of domestic violence and those that suffer from medical emergencies and other veterans and locals of the society.


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