Malta is a European country that has gained recognition for its high-class tourism. Therefore, it does come off as a surprise to see that it is also being touting as a great destination for starting a business. The fact is that the country has a lot to offer to foreign investors when it comes to the business environment. It wasn’t long ago that Malta diversified its economy and it has now evolved from a primarily agricultural country to a more business-oriented one. The country has invested heavily in several industries in recent years, which include finance, IT, pharmaceuticals, tourism, shipping and aviation. They are also working on their gaming industry to make it one of the best in the world.

Hence, Malta has a number of opportunities to offer when it comes to starting a business. It has a thriving economy and an excellent business environment. The country has also developed its infrastructure, which can be immensely helpful for businesses. Another great reason to consider Malta company formation is that they offer one of the cheapest skilled labor forces in all of Europe. Furthermore, foreign companies also receive plenty of benefits like not having to pay high taxes and only liable to register for value added tax.

In fact, the country’s taxation system is one of the top reasons to form a company in Malta as it provides perks to both local and foreign companies for bringing business into the country. Malta offers the lowest tax rates in Europe due to which it is regarded as a tax haven. Apart from that, other advantages of forming a company in Malta include a stable and high credit rating, membership of the European Union and less paperwork and red tape involved. All of these factors make it a worthwhile proposition to set up a business in Malta.

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