Whether you’re looking to increase your business or create a personalized gift, canvas makes any printed project pop. Rolled canvas printing offers a variety of benefits that allow your business to grow and your personal projects to thrive. With the right design and display options, your rolled canvas will be the talking point of any decoration or promotional campaign. Ordering a rolled canvas instead of flat or already framed canvases offers a host of benefits that you’ll want to take advantage of.

Shipping Costs

Shipping can be expensive these days, especially if you’re ordering your canvas already framed. Even flat canvas can be expensive to ship if you want to make sure it’s well protected against damage. Special packaging materials are required to help protect non-rolled canvases as they travel to your office or home. This will end up costing you extra, both for the materials themselves and the additional postage required to ship them. However, when you order a rolled canvas instead, you’re saving yourself money on the shipping and handling. Rolled canvases can be stored safely in regular, relatively inexpensive tubes that don’t weigh as much or cost as much to ship.

Shipping Safety

Printed goods of any type can be damaged during the delivery process. It’s important to take active measures to prevent your canvas from becoming scratched, punctured, or scuffed on its way to you. The most common damage that canvases suffer is bending or folding, leaving mostly permanent lines and marks across your print. However, by being rolled up and safely contained in a tube, rolled canvases don’t encounter these additional hazards. The rolling process allows your canvas to ship safety without damaging the fibers that hold it together. All you need to do is roll it out and let it settle, and your canvas print will look as good as ever.

Custom Sizes

Flat canvases don’t offer as wide a variety of printing sizes as rolled canvases do. This is mainly due to shipping requirements. If you want a large canvas print that fills most of the space on a wall, you’ll find it hard to find a printer who can ship it to you easily. Because rolled canvas printing condenses the space your product takes up, the prints can be larger than usual. In order to create large-scale canvas prints, you need to order rolled canvas products.

Rolled canvas printing provides you with a variety of benefits that flat or framed canvas printing don’t. You’ll be able to save on shipping costs while also ensuring that your print arrives undamaged at your door. You can also print nearly any size you can imagine with a rolled canvas. If you want a high-quality canvas print that is guaranteed to reach your door unharmed and on time, you need to order a rolled canvas product.

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