You may have heard the term “yuppie” floating around in the ’80s to ’90s. It means the young professional, who climbs the corporate ladder. Their habits are often under a negative microscope (something that frequently happens to any label). While the term is not commonly used, the group still exists. Their characteristics and spending habits still go strong today albeit not as conspicuously as before. The young professional of the present time is not limited to the trading room floor; they can be found in any industry from tech to fashion. They still have a taste for the finer things in life, though in a new form. Here are three tips to help you create a new menu for them.

Identify the times they visit your restaurant

If you are located near their workplace, you can expect them to come by during regular working hours from Monday to Saturday. Pay attention to your lunch and dinner menus if you intend to attract their attention. You can focus on creating healthy food which can be an excellent contrast to the fast food joints nearby. It also encourages them to visit because there is no guilt. Another route you can take is comfort food. Crowd favourites with large portions can invite co-workers to come as a group. When you are not near their workplace, target them on their off-time like dinner and meals at the weekend. Cocktails for happy hour or an indulgent brunch for late morning meetups are ways you can attract the young professional crowd without being in the business hot spot.

Create two or three dishes to start

After you have identified the kind of food you want to serve, create a short list of options you want to try. You can improve existing dishes to cater to their tastes by switching some of the ingredients and elevating the overall dish. Test new ways to create your Aglio e Olio. Or try a new spice rub for your ribs. Another is reading up on the latest food trends. You can select a dish from a foreign cuisine that you can integrate into your current menu. If you are aiming for healthy food, you can have a Thai papaya salad, Korean bibimbap, or Western Asian falafel with pita bread and hummus.

Ensure the quality is top-notch

Every restaurant, no matter who they are catering to, should strive for quality dishes. The dishes should be delicious, and every order should be consistent. When you are dealing with food for young professionals, you are bound to encounter ingredients that are not commonly found in the area. Work with suppliers like to ensure that you can deliver the same meals regardless of season and circumstances. One bad experience can take away loyal customers and their circle of friends. Some markets are more forgiving to bad batches, but the young professional is not one of them.

When you get their business, work hard to improve the other aspects of your menu from soups to drinks. Become a natural choice for them to select whenever the question arises, “where will we eat?”

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